CV-SALTS – Managing Salt and Nitrate in the California Central Valley

For Permittees

Two Options Available for Salt Compliance

While the Phase 1 Prioritization & Optimization Study is underway (10 to 15 years), there are two options available for salt compliance. Under both options, existing salt management and monitoring requirements will continue.

Option 1: Conservative Individual Option

Individual permittee is responsible for reducing salt accumulation.

Stringent numeric water quality permit limits apply based on protecting the agricultural and/or municipal beneficial uses.

P&O Study participation is optional.

Option 2: Alternative Cooperative Option

Permittee elects to join region-wide P&O Study with fellow permittees.

Payment of an annual fee to support P&O Study is required.

Current permit performance levels must be maintained, while more stringent requirements are deferred during Phase I.

The P&O Study will help to determine the next permitting options for Phase II.

Benefits of the Alternative Cooperative Option:

  • Opportunity to participate and inform P&O Study process and analysis, including development of Phase II.

  • Avoid more stringent and costly permitting requirements tied to the Conservative Individual Option during Phase I.

  • Likely less costly than Conservative Individual Option requirements.

  • Cooperative approach can aid achievement of long-term regional salinity goals.

Salinity Fee Payment

The Central Valley Water Board issued Notices to Comply to all permittees in January 2021.

The deadline for permittees to choose either the Conservative Individual Option or the Alternative Cooperative Option, file their Notice of Intent, and pay the required fees has passed (July 15, 2021). Payments are not being accepted at this time. Participation for 2022 requires participation (payment) for 2021.

If you did not participate by 12/15/21 and pay by 12/31/21, you would have to pay 2021 fees and a Back Fee Penalty as part of your 2022 fee. If you have not participated, or have a newly approved permit, please contact the CVSC at

The payment window for 2022 will reopen in May 2022 and be open to participation until after August 2022.  2021 P&O participants will receive an email linking to the 2022 payment form in case information needs to be updated and allowing you to pay your 2022 fee by Credit Card, ACH bank transfer, or Check. Invoices received after July 31 will incur a late fee.

See the Salt Control Program for more information on the program.