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This non-profit coalition of Public Agencies, Business, Associations and other members  working together to better manage Salts in the Central Valley of California

What is the Central Valley Salinity Coalition?

CVSC is a non-profit formed in 2008 to organize, facilitate and fund efforts needed for the efficient management of salinity in the Central Valley.  The Central Valley Salinity Coalition Inc. is a California member benefit 501 C-6 Corporation (association).  By combining efforts, funding and organization CVSC Members leverage their funding through economies of scale in studies and efforts.  The Coalition has matched their contributions with grants and other outside funding.  CVSC members engaged in CV-SALTS Initiative are at the table as technical and policy decisions are discussed to ensure your interests are understood in the regulatory process of salinity and basin planning.  During implementation Coalition members will be at the forefront of project planning selection and funding for salinity management projects.

Click here for the growing member list of organizations dedicated to water and salinity management in the Central Valley. User Registration is optional for participation in CV-SALTS. All public documents are available on the website, whether or not you are logged in. If you would like to register, click on the link at the upper right hand corner of any page.

Who needs to join the Coalition?
Membership is open to public or private entities that use waters of the Central Valley or are engaged in the management of salinity in the region. Currently the primary members represent water and wastewater agencies and associations, irrigation and water districts, businesses that use water or are sources of salts, and associations of said businesses.
Groups preparing Integrated Regional Water Management plans involving Central Valley Waters will be required to manage salinity and document their efforts. The best opportunities to manage salinity exist at the regional scale so coordination is essential. In the Central Valley, coordination with other stakeholders and the Regional Board is best achieved through CVSC. IRWM groups therefore need to join the Coalition. Cities or districts that are planning or implementing a recycled water project or any project that may increase salts or nitrates in the Central Valley need to be a Coalition Member and active participation in CV‐SALTS. Irrigated Lands Coalitions operating under Regional Board waivers of waste discharge requirements also need to join the coalition. Any facility that is a WDR or NPDES permit holder that has or could have salinity or nitrogen restrictions in their permit(s) needs to join the coalition. Organizations and agencies outside the Central Valley that utilize water from the State Water Project, or that import a significant mass of salt in any form into the Central Valley, need to be Coalition members.

Helpful Documents

There is much work ahead for the Coalition.  With the help of a broad and actively participating membership CVSC will demonstrate that the Stakeholder managed regulatory process is superior to traditional methods.


Central Valley Salinity Coalition

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