Participate in CV-SALTS

You Can Participate in CV-SALTS

If you utilize water in or from the Central Valley, you should consider actively partcipating in CV-SALTS planning processes. You may be regulated by the Regional Water Quality Control Board, you may pump or divert water in the valley, or you may live in a community with salt or nitrate issues. All of us contribute to increasing salt and nutrients in our use of Central Valley waters. If you are in a water using industry, your industry may already particate thorough your association.

CV-SALTS Policy for Review of Salt or Nitrate-Related Regulatory Activities

The CV-SALTS Initiative is the program, and identified process, that the Regional Board has approved for the development of a Central Valley-wide Salt and Nitrate Management Plan. This program will in part, satisfy the requirements of the Recycled Water Policy. Proponents of any recycled water project, or other regulatory process for which an SNMP, Management Zone, or related study or assessment related to the management of salt and nitrate in the Central Valley, shall work through CV-SALTS. (Resolution R5-2010-24).

For more information on participation in CV-SALTS, and the steps needed to ensure a given project is successfully coordinated with the CV-SALTS Initiative, please review the Executive Committee approved guidelines in the following documents:

CV-SALTS Policy for Salt and Nitrate-Related Reviews

Active Participation In CV-SALTS

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