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Presentations related to Salinity, presented at meetings, workshops or other venues. Other presentations are available at the Regional Boards Website or Salinity Workshop Presentations here


default 2011 Leadership Group Presentations Popular

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Download (pdf, 1.08 MB)

2011 PresentationDraft4CVSLG.pdf

Draft Presentation for Leadership Group Presentations

default ACWA Presentation Daniel Cozad CVSC Popular

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Download (pdf, 3.27 MB)


ACWA Presentation for CV-SALTS

default ACWA Presentation Karl Longley Popular

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Download (pdf, 7.15 MB)


Salt History Presentation for ACWA Conference

default ACWA Presentation Pamela Creedon Salt Management Popular

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Download (ppt, 426 KB)


ACWA Presentation on Salinity Planning

default ACWA Regulatory Summit Presentation 8/14/13 Popular

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Download (pdf, 5.28 MB)

ACWA Regulatory CV-SALTS presentation.8.14.13V-2.pdf

default Ag Workshop_11.13.13_Crop Sensitivity Zone Review Popular

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Download (pdf, 741 KB)

Crop Sensitivity Zone Review_1.pdf

default Ag Workshop_11.13.13_Maps Popular

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default Ag Workshop_11.13.13_Workshop Figs. Popular

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Download (pdf, 22.62 MB)


default AgWater-NewSky CV-SALTS Presenation Popular

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Download (ppt, 2.25 MB)


New Sky provides presentation to CV-SALTS on their use for salinity in the Central Valley

default Annual Leadership Group Presenation Popular

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Download (pdf, 3.84 MB)


for the September 24 Leadership Group Meeting

default Beneficial Use and Objective Scoping presentation Popular

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Download (pptx, 738 KB)


default Beneficial Use Technical Workshop Presentation Popular

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Download (pdf, 516 KB)


Handout for May 28 workshop

default BUOS P-1 Scope Presentation Popular

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Download (pdf, 1.59 MB)


Beneficial Use and Object Scope for phase 1 efforts.

default BUOS P-1 Update Presentation Popular

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Download (ppt, 4.19 MB)


for June 10, meeting

default CFPPC Presentation 2-13-09 Popular

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Download (ppt, 1 MB)


Presentation on Status and Benefits of participation in the CV-SALTS and CVSalinity Coalition for Food Producers and Processors.

default CST Technical Presentation Salt Management Popular

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Download (pdf, 2.32 MB)


Technical Committee Presentation

pdf CV-SALTS 2015 Annual Report to State Board_01.20.15_Final Popular

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Download (pdf, 2.90 MB)


default CV-SALTS Annual Report - December 4, 2012 Popular

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Download (pdf, 1.34 MB)

StBd CVSalts Annual Rpt 29Nov12Submitteds.pdf

CV-SALTS Annual Report and Consideration of Resolution to Release Remaining CAA Project Funds

-State Board Meeting of 4 December 2012

default CV-SALTS Fact Sheet Version Tri-Fold Popular

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Download (pdf, 956 KB)


General information Fact Sheet on Salinity and CV-SALTS and the Salinity Coalition

default CV-SALTS for the Recycled Water Coalition Popular

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Download (ppt, 2 MB)

Recycled Water Coaliton 2011 Presentation.ppt

Presentation by Linda Dorn on CV-SALTS at the Recycled Water Meeting

default CV-SALTS Regional Board Mission Presentation 9-16-10 Popular

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Download (pdf, 1.39 MB)

CVSALTS mission 15Sep10 (2).pdf

Presentation for Pamela Creedon at the September 16, 2010

default CV-SALTS review of Davis Model and other updates Popular

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Download (ppt, 252 KB)


committee presentation

default CVS Handout for January 19 2012 Popular

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Download (pdf, 174 KB)

CVS Handout Jan2011.pdf

default CVSalts 6Dec13 Presentation Final Popular

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Download (pdf, 5.34 MB)

CVSalts 6Dec13 Presentation Final.pdf

default CVSC and CV-SALTS 101 Basic Description Popular

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Download (ppt, 1.33 MB)


Basic short PowerPoint with the explanation of CVSC and CV-SALTS

default CVSC Membership Powerpoint Short Ag Popular

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Download (ppt, 1.41 MB)



default Developing a Salt & Nutrient Management Plan Popular

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Download (pdf, 728 KB)

SNMP Approach -9-29-11.pdf

default Drinking Water Policy Workgroup Presentation Popular

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Download (ppt, 82 KB)


Presentation for Nov 19 Technical Committee

default Econ-TAC Agenda Package 6-17-09 Popular

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Download (pdf, 2.36 MB)


Meeting Package for June 17

default EKI Scope of Work Presentation Popular

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Download (pptx, 166 KB)

EKI Scope of Work Presentation -9-13-11.pptx

default Environmental Educators Presenation Popular

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Download (ppt, 2.29 MB)


Presentation by Gail Cismowski to environmental educators on 2008

default EPA's Role in Basin Plan Ammendments Popular

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Download (ppt, 102 KB)


default Exec Committee Agenda Package 6-17 Popular

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Download (pdf, 2.19 MB)


Full Meeting Package for Reproduction

default Existing Framework and Program Presentation Popular

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Download (pdf, 1.98 MB)

Existing Framework and Program.pdf

Presentation for 9/16 meeting

default Existing Framework and Program Presentation Handout Popular

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Download (pdf, 1.53 MB)

Presentation Handout 9-16.pdf

Handout for 9/16 meeting

default Final Salt and Nutrient Pilot Implementation Presentation Popular

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Download (pdf, 1.53 MB)


For Committee Presentation 3/11/10

pdf Grant Programs for Agricultural Drainage and Salinity Reduction - DWR Presentation on 05.22.14 Popular

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Download (pdf, 1.25 MB)

CVSalts 20140522 Grant Programs for Agricultural Drainage and Salinity Reduction.pdf

default Grasslands Bypass Presentation for CV-SALTS Popular

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Download (pdf, 1.45 MB)


Grasslands Bypass Presentation by Gail Cismowski at April 14, 2009 meeting.

default Groundwater Monitoring Advisory Workgroup - Overview for CV SALTS - 04.24.12 Popular

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Download (ppt, 623 KB)


default Groundwater Resources Assoc. Presenation 090324 Popular

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Download (ppt, 1.35 MB)


Presentation on CVSC and related CV-SALTS and workplan efforts

default Historical Ecology Presentation SFEI Popular

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Download (pdf, 3.01 MB)


Place holder to be replaced with materials.

default Initial Conceptual Model (ICM) and GIS Technical Services - Project Workshop Materials Popular

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Download (pdf, 2.42 MB)

ICM_GIS Services_Workshop Materials.pdf

November 26, 2012 Workshop Materials

default June 12 2012 Regional Board Workshop Presentation Popular

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Download (pdf, 5.25 MB)

2012 PresentationDraftJune12Workshop V-4-6.8.12s.pdf

Presentation in full format for June 12 Workshop

default LWA Pilot Progress Update 10-29-09 Popular

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Download (pptm, 718 KB)


Meeting 10-29 update and Land Cover information

default LWA Pilot Progress Update August Popular

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Download (ppt, 1.65 MB)


Presentation from LWA team August 19

default LWH Salt and Nitrate Pilot Work Plan Presentation 6/17 Popular

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Download (ppt, 2.66 MB)


default MAA Offests from WRDP 8-04-09 Popular

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Download (pdf, 694 KB)


Presentation for the MAA meeting on Calculations of Potential Offsets from Westside Regional Drainage Plan

default MSSC Summit Presentation on CV-SALTS and Recycled Water Policy Popular

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Download (ppt, 5.40 MB)


Presented at MSSC Summit on 2/19/2010

pdf Nitrate Contamination and Impact Communities - Literature Citations Popular

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Download (pdf, 52 KB)

Literature Citations from 0313 presentation.pdf

default Nitrate Contamination and Impacted Communities in the Central Valley Popular

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Download (ppt, 1.36 MB)

Nitrate Contamination and Impacted Communities in the Central Valley.ppt

Presentation to Executive Committee on March 13, 2014 by

AGUA - Clean Water Action - Leadership Council for Justice and Accountability - Community Water Center

default Outreach Workshops Presentation Popular

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Download (pdf, 1.12 MB)


default Outreach Workshops Presentation news Popular

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Download (pdf, 6.07 MB)


Part 2 of the presentations from the workshops

default Policy Materials for Excess Salt Presentation Popular

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Download (pdf, 1.27 MB)


Draft for Committee

default Presentation on Salt Management from Water Plan 2009 Popular

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Download (ppt, 451 KB)


for Gail's presentation

default Reclamation MAA Compliance Plan Presentation 6-17 Popular

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Download (pdf, 329 KB)


default Regional Board Basins Presentation Popular

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Presentation by Regional Board on Basins  UPDATED

See also 303 d list for salinity and numerical limits

default Role of OAL and APA Compliance Popular

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Download (ppt, 1 MB)


default Salt and Nitrate Pilot Draft Work Plan Presentation Popular

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Download (pdf, 3.79 MB)


Presentation from the July 14 Work plan Presentation

default salt and nitrate pilot study draft report presentation Popular

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Download (pdf, 27 KB)


Placeholder for Presentation, file will be loaded when available

default Salt and Nitrate Pilot Study Progress Presentation Popular

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Download (pdf, 228 KB)


Provided at the 9/16/09 ESCTAC meeting

default Santa Ana Process 2-18-09 Wildermuth Env. Popular

By 477 downloads

Presentation to the Technical Committee on the scientific methods utilized in the Santa Ana Watershed to Establish Basin Plan objectives and wasteload allocaitons.

default SJR Upsream Objectives Hoffman based study 3/11/2010 Popular

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Download (pdf, 5.49 MB)


Presentation for Joint Technical Committee

default Sources of Drinking Water Policy Popular

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Download (ppt, 72 KB)


HTML clipboard Sources of Drinking Water State Board Policy

default State and Regional Board Roles in BP Popular

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Download (ppt, 1.33 MB)


default State Board Annual Report Presentation 2012 Popular

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Download (pdf, 1.12 MB)

CV-SALTS Annual Report Dec 6 11 for State Board 12-2-11.pdf

default SWRCB Training Basin Plan #1 Basin Plan Intro Popular

By 610 downloads

Download (ppt, 276 KB)


Introduction to the Basin Plan and its origins and authority in the Clean Water Act and Porter Cologne Water Quality Control Acts.

default SWRCB Training Basin Plan #2 Basin Planning Popular

By 589 downloads

Download (ppt, 161 KB)


State Board Basin Plan training details on the Basin Plan and the planning process.

default SWRCB Training Basin Plan #3 Water Quality Criteria Popular

By 573 downloads

Download (ppt, 629 KB)


Basin Plan Training by Rik Rasmussen 9/3/09

default Technical Materials for Excess Salt Presentation Popular

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Download (pdf, 1.27 MB)


Presentation Materials for Committee - Placeholder to be replaced with presenation

default The Future of Irrigated Agriculture: Christian Smith Popular

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Download (pdf, 1.44 MB)


Presented February 9 at the Ca Colloquium on Water UC Berkeley.

default Water Quality Standards and Approach Presentation Popular

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Download (ppt, 237 KB)


default Willows MUN Draft Work Plan 11.30.11 Popular

By 459 downloads

Download (ppsx, 4.90 MB)

Willows MUN draft wkpln 30Nov11.ppsx

default Winery BMP Tech Presentation Popular

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Download (pdf, 2.35 MB)


Presentation for Technical Committee 1/21/2010

default Work Plan Presentation Popular

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Download (pptx, 791 KB)

CV-SALTS Program Workplan Diagram Presentation 2-16-12.pptx

default Work Plan Presentation 2-16-12 Popular

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Download (pptx, 791 KB)

CV-SALTS Program Workplan Diagram Presentation 2-16-12.pptx



Central Valley Salinity Coalition

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