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Files Related to the Inland Surface Waters Plan prepared by the Regional Board and 340 water related agencies who cooperated in the program.


default Agricultural Waters Task Force Report Popular

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default ISWP B and C Channels Popular

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Download (xls, 851 KB)

ISWP B and C channels.xls

default ISWP Basin 58C Popular

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Download (pdf, 306 KB)

ISWP Basin 58C.pdf

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default ISWP Basins 04 through 19 Popular

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Download (pdf, 1.16 MB)

Basins 04 through 19.pdf

default ISWP Basins 20A through 35B Popular

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Download (pdf, 2.04 MB)

Basins 20A through 35B.pdf

default ISWP Basins 40 through 45 Popular

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Download (pdf, 1.34 MB)

Basins 40 through 45.pdf

default ISWP Basins 51 through 58D Popular

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Download (pdf, 1.50 MB)

Basins 51 through 58D.pdf

default ISWP Board Agenda for Sep 92 Popular

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Download (pdf, 197 KB)

ISWP Agenda Item Sep92.pdf

default ISWP Foothills Popular

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Download (pdf, 171 KB)

ISWP Foothills.pdf

default ISWP Staff Report Sep 92 plus appB and Rev Popular

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Download (pdf, 571 KB)

Staff Report Sep 92 plus appB and Rev.pdf

default US EPA review of ISWP 1991 Popular

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Download (pdf, 1.22 MB)

U S EPA review of ISWP 1991.pdf


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