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Clearer Structure, Cleaner Water: Improving Performance and Outcomes at the State Water Boards

Excerpts of the Little Hoover Commission document are below:

"Of critical importance to the water boards’ effectiveness is updating
basin plans in every region. The boards’ reliance on out-of-date
basin plans, of which many are simply unresponsive to the current,
non-point water pollution issues the boards face, hinders many of
their programs. The boards should emulate the model created by the
Santa Ana Regional Water Quality Control Board, which created a
stakeholder task force that led to robust research, consensus building
and a largely re-written basin plan in 2004. Stakeholders –
not the cash-strapped state – funded the basin plan update.

Use stakeholder task forces. As the Santa Ana Regional
Water Quality Control Board has done, other regional boards
should increase the use of stakeholder task forces to work
through difficult regulatory issues."



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