Salinity-related Effects on Agricultural Irrigation Uses

Project Description: CV-SALTS completed research to define what constitutes reasonable protection of existing and probable future use of water for agricultural irrigation. This research focused on the preparation of a summary of the current state of knowledge regarding the effects of elevated salinity concentrations on crop yields, wetland plants and vegetation commonly used for landscaping. In addition, the research effort reviewed water quality objectives established in other California regions, federal recommendations developed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, water quality standards adopted by other states to protect water used for irrigation, and guidelines established by selected international entities. The resulting White Paper provides a summary of the key findings along with supporting data and references to support development of a Salt/Nutrient Management Plan for the Central Valley and ensure that waters used for agricultural irrigation are appropriately protected.

Project Status: Project was initiated in June 2012. A draft White Paper was submitted in July; a Final Draft White Paper was submitted in August 2012. A final White Paper was posted December 2016.

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