Nitrate Implementation Measures Study (NIMS)

Project Description:  CV-SALTS is implementing a study to evaluate nitrate contamination in the groundwater basins of the Central Valley and develop appropriate implementation measures to mitigate this contamination using a phased approach that includes providing safe drinking water, reducing or eliminating impacts to drinking water sources and implementing managed restoration activities where needed to restore beneficial uses in groundwater. The implementation measures, which will be incorporated into the SNMP, will be phased and a prioritization methodology will be used to rank groundwater basins in order of priority – where risk reduction from nitrate in groundwater is optimized to facilitate use of the limited resources available. Findings from NIMS will be evaluated along with SSALTS findings to develop a coordinated salt and nitrate management program for incorporation into the SNMP.

Project Status: Project was initiated in August 2015 and completed in May 2016.

Project Workplan

Final Report