Strategic Salt Accumulation Land and Transport Study (SSALTS)

Project Description: CV-SALTS is implementing a study to identify the range of viable Central Valley alternatives for salt disposal (taking into account regulatory, institutional, economic, and technological issues) to provide input for consideration during development of the Salt/Nutrient Management Plan (SNMP) for the Central Valley. Potential alternatives for salt disposal range from expanded use of existing salt disposal areas, establishment of new salt disposal areas within the Central Valley, export or transport of salt out of the Central Valley, or some combination of the above. The findings from this study will provide input to policymakers regarding where opportunities exist to dispose of salt over the long term in a sustainable manner. In addition, the findings will provide important input to the development of the SNMP under Phases 2 and 3 of Conceptual Model, and provide information to support development of the Basin Plan Amendment to adopt a Central Valley SNMP. Status: Project was initiated in December 2012. Phase 1, which focused on an evaluation of current salt disposal practices at selected study areas, was completed in December 2013. Phase 2, which concentrates on the development of potential future salt disposal/treatment alternatives for the Central Valley, was completed in September 2014. Phase 3 is evaluating the potential salt disposal/treatment alternatives identified in Phase 2 to develop implementation measures and a phased implementation strategy for inclusion in the SNMP.

Project Status: A draft Phase 3 report was completed in spring 2015; in coordination with the development of the CV-SALTS Salinity Management Strategy, the Final Phase 3 report was completed in December 2016.


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