GIS Services – Agricultural Zone Mapping

Project Description: CV-SALTS implemented a GIS project to develop map layers of agricultural-related data to support development and implementation of water quality objectives to protect waters used for agricultural irrigation. Data layers incorporated into the CV-SALTS geodatabase included agricultural-related jurisdictional boundaries, soil characteristics, irrigation supply sources, water quality, historic and current cropping patterns, as well as other relevant data. These data layers were used to identify potential Crop Sensitivity Zones (CSZs) based on similar hydrologic and hydrogeologic conditions, cropping patterns, management practices, and other factors related to crop sensitivity to salinity. This project was originally planned to occur in two phases. Phase 1 was authorized in 2013, but Phase 2 authorization was deferred, pending the findings of the Phase 1 work. Phase 1 deliverables included (a) developing agricultural-related data and preparing appropriate GIS map layers; (b) identifying up to 25 CSZs for the Central Valley; and (c) conducting a workshop with the agricultural community to discuss project findings. The need for a second phase for this project has not yet been determined by CV-SALTS.

Project Status:Phase 1 project was implemented February 2013 and was completed in April 2014.

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