Phase 2 Conceptual Model

Project Description: Development of the Conceptual Model to support preparation of the Salt/Nitrate Management Plan (SNMP) was initiated under CV-SALTS’ Initial Conceptual Model (ICM) Project (completed in January 2014). This project builds off the findings of the ICM to begin development of a draft SNMP for the Central Valley. Scope of work elements include targeted refinements to the project database, development of salt and nitrate data analysis methods to support regulatory decisions, implementation of an archetype or pilot analysis to evaluate salt and/or nitrate management options at a management zone scale, and preparation of the first drafts of the technical elements of the SNMP.

Project Status: Project was initiated in April 2014 and completed in July 2016.

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Project Workplan - Task 1

Technical Deliverables

Task 3: Technical Memorandum & Comment/Response Summary

Task 4: Management Zone Archetype Analysis: Alta Irrigation District Report & Comment/Response Summary & Extreme Ag Scenario Comment/Response Summary

Task 5: SNMP Technical Sections & Appendices & Comment/Response Summary

Technical Review

Meetings and Presentations 

June 18, 2015 Presentation to Executive Committee: Phase II Preliminary Draft SNMP - Methods for Determining Ambient Water Quality, Trends, and Assimilative Capacity