Initial Conceptual Model (ICM)

Project Description: Development of the ICM is the first phase of a planned three-phased effort to develop the technical and regulatory basis for adoption of a Salt/Nutrient Management Plan (SNMP) for the Central Valley. The purpose of this phase is to develop a conceptual level (or 30,000 foot level) analysis of water balance and associated salt and nutrient (nitrate) conditions in the Central Valley. This effort will rely on the establishment of Initial Analysis Zones (IAZs) to complete water quantity and quality analyses within smaller areas within the valley and detailed analyses in two selected subareas of the Central Valley. The IAZs provide the foundation for the eventual establishment of salt/nutrient management zones in the Basin Plan. The outcome of the ICM project will be an assessment of salt/nitrate conditions in the Central Valley, including identification of hotspots and long term trends for salt and nitrate concentrations. Subsequent phases will refine the findings from the ICM and develop the SNMP which includes preparation of a salt/nitrate program of implementation and completion of regulatory analyses to support adoption of the SNMP into the Basin Plan.

Project Status: Project was initiated in September 2012 and completed in December 2013.


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Task 3.2 – Data Sources

Tasks 3.3 & 3.4 Report – Data Gaps and Data Summary

Task 4 –Initial Analysis Zones & Phase 2 Recommendations

Task 5 – Recommended Methodologies to Assess Water, Salt & Nitrate Balances for the Central Valley Floor and Two Prototype Areas Report

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