MUN Beneficial Use in Agriculturally Dominated Water Bodies Archetype

Project Description: By way of the Sources of Drinking Water Policy (Resolution 88-63), the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board Basin Plans (Basin Plans) designate MUN beneficial use to all surface and groundwater bodies unless they are specifically listed in a Basin Plan as water bodies that are not designated with MUN. Recent court findings have confirmed that to utilize exceptions identified in Resolution 88-63, for constructed and modified natural channels used to transport agricultural drainage, a basin plan amendment is required.  . The CV-SALTS initiative has identified the need to evaluate the appropriate designation and level of protection of MUN beneficial uses in constructed agricultural drains as well as other agriculturally dominated water bodies. The receiving waters of four POTWs in the cities of Willows, Colusa, Biggs and Live Oak are serving as archetypes or case studies for the development of a framework to evaluate the appropriate level of MUN beneficial use protection in agriculturally-dominated water bodies throughout the Central Valley.

Project Status: Project initiated in the latter part of 2011; Phase 1 completed in 2015; Phase 2 completed in December 2016; Basin Plan amendment process planned for 2017.


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