Tulare Lake Bed MUN Archetype

Project Description: As part of its effort to develop a Salt/Nutrient Management Plan (SNMP) for the Central Valley, CV-SALTS is evaluating appropriate designations and level of protection for waterbodies currently designated with the MUN beneficial use, taking into account the requirements of the California Sources of Drinking Water Policy (SDWP) (Resolution 88-63) and other environmental characteristics. Through this activity, a portion of the Tulare Lake Bed groundwater basin has been identified as an area that appears to meet the exemption criteria set forth in the SDWP. This same area has also been identified as an area where the AGR use may not be applicable. Accordingly, CV-SALTS initiated technical studies and basin planning activities in collaboration with the Tulare Lake Drainage District to develop the required documentation to support de-designation of MUN (and possibly AGR) from a portion of groundwater body underlying the Tulare Lake Bed. The expected final outcome is a Basin Plan Amendment. In addition, the project deliverables will support development of the Central Valley SNMP by providing an archetype or template for other studies designed to evaluate the applicability of beneficial uses on a groundwater body.

Project Status: Project initiated in September 2012; CV-SALTS work was completed in October 2016. Basin Plan amendment process planned for 2017.


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