Technical Advisory

The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) is an all-volunteer committee comprised of stakeholders with varying interests in the technical issues associated with salt and nitrate management in the Central Valley. The TAC generally meets monthly via teleconference or meetings in the Sacramento area.

This page provides links to the various CV-SALTS technical projects (completed, ongoing or planned), including related project deliverables.

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Technical Projects Index


Conceptual Model Development

The Initial Conceptual Model and Salt and Nutrient Management Plan are the primary elements of technical work being developed to assist the stakeholders in making policy decisions in CV-SALTS.  These studies will form the technial basis for the basin plan amendment for CV-SALTS.

Data Development

The Data Development section of documents and efforts has not been fully completed but will hold standards, metadata and other information related to the efforts undertaken by the committee.

Beneficial Use Designation Studies

Beneficial Uses are critical to CV-SALTS.  Archetypes are being developed for MUN use designation or dedesignation in several areas of the Central Valley.

Water Quality Objective Reviews

Studies related to municipal/domestic (MUN) and agricultural (AGR) uses of water are underway.  Additionally, literature reviews for stock watering and aquatic water quality objectives are also in progress.

Implementation Planning

Several phases of implementation planning are expected for CV-SALTS.  The initial planning phase SSALTS project is looking at accumulation, transport and storage options and alternatives to current management.


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