Update on Status - 2019

On October 16, 2019 the State Water Resources Control Board (RESOLUTION NO. 2019-0057) voted to approve the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board’s (Central Valley Water Board’s) amendments to the Sacramento and San Joaquin Basin Plan and the Tulare Lake Basin Plan to incorporate a Central Valley-wide Salt and Nitrate Control Program (Salt and Nitrate Control Program).  The Basin Plan amendments were adopted by the Central Valley Water Board on May 31, 2018 (RESOLUTION R5-2018- 0034). 

The Salt and Nitrate Control Program provides a new framework for the Regional Water Board to regulate salt and nitrate, while also ensuring a safe drinking water supply. The amendments represent the most significant changes in decades to the regulation of salts and nitrates in the surface and ground waters of Central Valley. With these amendments, the Regional Water Board will be able to ensure safe drinking water in affected areas and offer greater flexibility for discharger compliance. The approval is a monumental milestone for water quality in the Central Valley, bringing much needed progress toward improved surface and ground water quality.

Over the last decade, the Central Valley Salinity Coalition (CVSC) has worked side-by-side with the Regional Water Board to prepare the January 2017 Salt and Nitrate Management Plan (SNMP) – the basis for the new Regional Water Board Salt and Nitrate Control Program. For a quick overview of the SNMP and Basin Plan amendment process download our CV-SALTS BROCHURE. For information on individual policies visit the Public Education and Outreach page.  Regulated entities and individuals who wish to learn more about the changes in Nitrate and Salt compliance should visit the CV-SALTS Public Information page.


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