Update on Status - 2015

CV-SALTS committees and consultants were very busy in early 2015.  Milestones were reached on several major technical projects, with other projects being fully completed. More information on current project status can be found on the Technical Projects Index page, located under the Committees > Technical Advisory tab.

Implementation planning, known as SSALTS (Strategic Salt Accumulation Land and Transport Study), produced a draft Phase 3 report in spring 2015.  The Phase 3 report will be finalized in coordination with the CV-SALTS Nitrate Implementation Measures Study (NIMS) by the end of 2015.   You can find the draft Phase 3 report at this link.

The CV-SALTS Initiative also began several new studies critical to the Salt and Nitrate Management Plan.  The Surveillance and Monitoring Plan (SAMP), the Nitrate Implementation Measures Study (NIMS), and the final Conceptual Model efforts are underway.  Several other studies will have finalized scopes for work to start in late 2015: economics, antidegradation analysis, and CEQA Substitute Environmental Document (SED).  The Initial Conceptual Model work is complete and found under the Committees Tab in the Technical Advisory section or Here.

Policy discussions on Surface and Groundwater issues have doubled up policy meetings during the summer. The enhanced meeting schedule will continue into the fall with more 2-day meetings.  Each month CV-SALTS business items are processed by the Executive Committee during the Administrative Call. Meeting Agendas and Notes can be found under the Committees Tab.  Outreach efforts continue, with CEQA Scoping meetings completed.  Additional outreach efforts were completed including presentations to the Regional Water Board, State Water Board, and many industry and stakeholder groups.

In January 2016 CV-SALTS participants will again present a status report on CV-SALTS to the State Board which will be shown on the State Board’s video feed.  All CV-SALTS meetings are available by conference call, and many by webinar.  You can see the Event Calendar for the meetings for summer, fall, and winter on the right hand side of each page of this site.


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