Winter 2014 Status

Much was accomplished in 2013. Several major technical projects started in 2012 were completed. More information on the status can be found under the Committees > Technical Advisory tab. The CV-SALTS Initiative has obligated several million dollars to technical work including the Initial Conceptual Model, GIS Information gathering, and Implementation Planning known as SSALTS. The Initial Conceptual Model is complete and found under the Committees Tab in the Technical Advisory section, or Here. Phase 1 of the SSALTS planning work was completed in December 2013 as well. You can find the report at this link.

These are two of the major efforts and technical reports completed. The procurement for the Salt and Nitrate Management Plan, CEQA and economics work, and preparation of a package for Regional Water Quality Control Board Consideration and Approval were completed in the Fall of 2013. Work on the second phase of the Conceptual Model SNMP will be initiated soon. In addition, significant progress on several Archetypes or proof-of-concept projects that will support development of the Salt and Nitrate Management Plan has been made and will continue over the Summer of 2014. 

Policy discussions on Surface and Groundwater issues were held in the Summer of 2013. Each month CV-SALTS business items are processed by the Executive Committee during the Administrative Call. Agenda and meeting notes can be found under Documents > Agendas and Notes. Several Outreach efforts were completed in 2013. CEQA Scoping meetings were held throughout the region. Additional outreach efforts were completed including presentations to the Regional Water Board, and State Water Board. The Regional Water Board approved a Resolution to allow additional time for the completion of the SNMP, and CEQA/Economics work based on the significant progress made to date. Additionally, CV-SALTS participated in several briefings and presentations to get the word out in 2013, and will do so again in 2014.

In January CV-SALTS participants will host the Groundwater Resources Association Webcast series on SNMP, specifically on CV-SALTS. Conferences in Spring and Summer are planned with CV-SALTS content. More information on the status, and updates from the committees can be found under the Committees Tab.

CV-SALTS Science, Policy and Planning - Moving Forward

Moving Forward

CV-SALTS is an important science, policy and regulatory planning process making significant progress in planning a sustainable future for Central Valley water users. CV-SALTS has an aggressive schedule to prepare a Draft Salt and Nitrate Management Plan (SNMP) for the Central Valley by next summer.  This plan has technical/scientific elements of study and information gathering as well as a variety of policy issues, which are being addressed through examples, call archetypes.  CV-SALTS has a budget of about $10 million for planning and technical work to complete the SNMP.  Because of the size and complexity of the Central Valley, CV-SALTS is focusing on  gathering a high level of information needed to make broad policy changes for the entire valley. 

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