What is CV-SALTS?

CV‐SALTS is a collaborative stakeholder driven and managed program to develop sustainable salinity and nitrate management planning for the Central Valley.


CV-SALTS – Developing new approaches to protect Central Valley soils and water

The Central Valley faces a future where rising salt levels threaten to turn this productive basin into a land where the water is not fit to drink and land not capable of growing crops. It won’t happen tomorrow, or even next year, but salts are slowly and steadily contaminating water and soil, which are so important to agriculture and water supplies for more than 25 million people across the state.

The salinity problem is complex and multi-faceted, so a broad coalition of agriculture, cities, industry, and regulatory agencies have joined to together to develop a vision and plan for managing salts and nutrients. The Central Valley Salinity Alternatives for Long-Term Sustainability initiative (CV-SALTS) is a collaborative effort initiated in 2006 to find solutions to the salt problem in the Central Valley.

CV-SALTS participants are working together to develop a workable, comprehensive plan to address salinity, including nitrates, throughout the region in a comprehensive, consistent, and sustainable manner. The participants have established these goals:

• Sustain the Valley’s lifestyle

• Support regional economic growth

• Retain a world-class agricultural economy

• Maintain a reliable, high-quality urban water supply

• Protect and enhance the environment


SWRCB, CVRWQCB, and CVSC Board Approve MOA for Cooperative Action

State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB), Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board (CVRWQCB), and the Central Valley Salinity Coalition (CVSC) Board of Directors Approved a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) for cooperative advancement of the CV-SALTS Initiative in December.

While the three entities have been cooperating for over two years, the MOA documents the working relationships among the agencies and their commitments to cooperatively work together to improve the Management of Salinity in Central Valley Waters.  The MOA also documents the unique cooperation that has been built in the Agency and Stakeholder community to support these efforts.

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Salinity Background Article on Aquafornia.com

Water Education Foundation completes Salinity Background document for CV-SALTS

Water Education Foundation (WEF) hosts a site called Aquafornia.com which covers water and related news in California.  WEF, a partner involved with CV-SALTS prepared the summary article to provide some background to the public on the issues with Salinity in the Central Valley and throughout California.  The article is posted here at the Aquafornia Site.  The CV-SALTS Public Education and Outreach Committee worked with WEF and reviewed the Article.  The effort was underwritten by the Central Valley Salinity Coalition through member contributions.



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