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CV-SALTS (Central Valley Salinity Alternatives for Long-Term Sustainability) is a collaborative effort initiated in 2006 to find solutions to the salt problem in the Central Valley. The State Water Resources Control Board and the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board are the state agencies leading the effort. The Central Valley Salinity Coalition (CVSC) is a non-profit association of agricultural, business, and industry interests and state, regional, and local governments that have joined together to fund research and planning for CV-SALTS. The CVSC now has more than 20 members.

CV-SALTS is organized in a committee structure to guide research and planning.
Executive CommitteeProvides oversight of all other committees in CV-SALTS and approves all final decisions and actions. Executive Committee agendas are posted on the Agendas and Notes page aproximately 10 days prior to the meeting and meetings are open to the public. Technical Advisory Committee An all-volunteer committee comprised of stakeholders with varying interests in the technical issues associated with salt and nitrate management in the Central Valley.
Lower San Joaquin River Subcommittee - To address salinity issues in the Lower San Joaquin watershed.
Public Education and Outreach Committee To inform, educate, and raise awareness regarding the overarching salt and nitrate challenge in the Central Valley.


Central Valley Salinity Coalition


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