The June CV-SALTS meeting was a Regional Water Quality Control Workshop.  This workshop was an ideal time to gain a better understanding of CV-SALTS and hear discussion with the Regional Water Board members and responses from the Public.  The overview was comprehensive and discussed critical approachs and issues recommended by the Executive Committee to be implemented in the Salt and Nutrient Management Plan underway. Specifically, its objectives were to achieve the following:
  • Inform the Board of salinity background and CV-SALTS Effort Plan and Status as well
  • Receive feedback and comments from Board on approach, workplan, schedule and milestones
  • Receive feedback and comments from Board on Archetypes/Prototypes and Management Practice Toolbox
Presenters included:
  • Pamela Creedon
  • Jeanne Chilcott
  • David Cory
  • Daniel Cozad
  • Tim Moore
  • Parry Klassen
  • Jeff Willett 
The meeting was held at the Regional Board offices in Fresno, 1685 E Street Fresno, CA 93706, but remote viewing was available in the Regional Board's Rancho Cordova office as well.
Downloads from the meeting 



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